Saturday, March 31, 2012

So what do we have then?

So I used my buddies from the USA Discount Games inc. again, as they offer a massive price reduction, even over Wayland games, so that is pretty sweet for a Uni student like me. Even with the US mail service being a bit of a handicap as it is something that is not as good as the British Royal Mail, Discount Games gave me a partial refund as they'd discussed with me due to me purchasing over X amount - you'll have to check with them though ;)

Wins all round!

I have ordered one of each of the Warlocks:

Bloody Barnabus.

Calaban, the Grave Walker.

Maelok, the Dreadbound.

Something that is nice about having a half-faction; you have fewer choices to make and if you are a bit of a compulsive in that regard like I am, this is a good thing :)

Wrong Eye & Snapjaw.

2x Blackhide Wrastlers.

Ironback Spitter - and my brother has one of his own that I can borrow.

Bull Snapper.

2x full Gatorman Posses.



Totem Hunter.

Croak Hunter.

I have basically got access to the proven 'beasts, as well as the excellent Gatorman posses. These do most of the heavy lifting from what I can gather. With one each of the solos, I can fill out the points in lists and have some quite different things to paint whilst I am at it.

In the meanwhile, the package is in transit....


  1. Thanks for the update man. I am looking into starting up gators as my second faction and the blog and forum guides help

    1. Yeah I feel seeing what other gamers are doing helps get the ball rolling, and if any mistakes or good choices are made, then sharing that information is good for everyone.

      I certainly have gotten a lot of information from blogs and forums, so anything that I can share, I generally will :)

      Thanks for commenting ~ you are the first ever on Cold-Blooded Basking!