Monday, April 9, 2012

A hot tip!

G'day fellow denizens of the delta,

Whilst at home I do have an area upstairs that I can paint and file my hours away, when it comes to gluing, it is definitely out in the garage for that! All that horrid stink and nasty fumes are best outside. Likewise for spraying undercoat, etc.

But even in Melbourne, Australia, we can have the temperature go down to 10ºC maximum, which really hampers the rate of setting for glue.

After getting a crick in my neck, I decided to bung a heat pack on it. You know the one that could be a draft stopper for a door - those long cloth tubes filled with some grain. You microwave them and then stick it on your strained muscle. Then I twigged and thought, “well this could work for the metal minis too". I grabbed the smaller one we have, blasted it for some 90 seconds, and put it in a plastic bag [after all, this bag does go on flesh, so I don't want metal residue or glue on me]. Then I sat the miniature I was working on, Wrong Eye the lesser warlock, and used it to heat him up.

Wrong Eye became quite hot to be honest, and so there was no need for more than 90 seconds of microwaving the bag, depending on your microwave power I guess. The glue set at a nice quick rate, and as you can mould the bag how you want, don't have to hold the parts together for an age. Even with ‘awkward to position miniatures that need to be tipped just so if you want gravity to help you glue them' miniatures, you can arrange the bag into a certain manner to help you perch the mini as desired.

As it has been a help to me, I thought to share it so that it will help others, whether it is either the heat or the position that is what they want, if not both. :D

So there you go - heat bags ftw!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

So what do we have then?

So I used my buddies from the USA Discount Games inc. again, as they offer a massive price reduction, even over Wayland games, so that is pretty sweet for a Uni student like me. Even with the US mail service being a bit of a handicap as it is something that is not as good as the British Royal Mail, Discount Games gave me a partial refund as they'd discussed with me due to me purchasing over X amount - you'll have to check with them though ;)

Wins all round!

I have ordered one of each of the Warlocks:

Bloody Barnabus.

Calaban, the Grave Walker.

Maelok, the Dreadbound.

Something that is nice about having a half-faction; you have fewer choices to make and if you are a bit of a compulsive in that regard like I am, this is a good thing :)

Wrong Eye & Snapjaw.

2x Blackhide Wrastlers.

Ironback Spitter - and my brother has one of his own that I can borrow.

Bull Snapper.

2x full Gatorman Posses.



Totem Hunter.

Croak Hunter.

I have basically got access to the proven 'beasts, as well as the excellent Gatorman posses. These do most of the heavy lifting from what I can gather. With one each of the solos, I can fill out the points in lists and have some quite different things to paint whilst I am at it.

In the meanwhile, the package is in transit....

Cajun Crocodilians ftw!

G'day fellow internet travellers,

So here I am starting my second PP blog, this time about the Gatormen of the Minions faction. Some of you may have already seen my The Bridge of Worlds blog for Retribution of Scyrah. This time I'm going for perhaps a complete 180º switcharoo, having a Hordes army that is not in the pristine white of Retribution, nor with sleek Myrmidons or having immaculate elven complexions. Greens and browns, organic Beasts and rough skinned creatures are all the deal here. Even the fairly infantry heavy vein that RoS has is forsaken with Heavies being much more plausible in a Hordes faction.

These guys look really fun, and that is what I am wanting from my gaming nowadays. Sure I want to win, but having an affinity for my little dudes is very important in terms of look and fluff.

I'll be talking about the painting techniques I have used, any modelling that is not simply sticking the minis straight together from the box, and all the usual things bloggers mention :)