Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cajun Crocodilians ftw!

G'day fellow internet travellers,

So here I am starting my second PP blog, this time about the Gatormen of the Minions faction. Some of you may have already seen my The Bridge of Worlds blog for Retribution of Scyrah. This time I'm going for perhaps a complete 180ยบ switcharoo, having a Hordes army that is not in the pristine white of Retribution, nor with sleek Myrmidons or having immaculate elven complexions. Greens and browns, organic Beasts and rough skinned creatures are all the deal here. Even the fairly infantry heavy vein that RoS has is forsaken with Heavies being much more plausible in a Hordes faction.

These guys look really fun, and that is what I am wanting from my gaming nowadays. Sure I want to win, but having an affinity for my little dudes is very important in terms of look and fluff.

I'll be talking about the painting techniques I have used, any modelling that is not simply sticking the minis straight together from the box, and all the usual things bloggers mention :)

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